People analytics: ‘Moneyball’ for human resources

People analytics: ‘Moneyball’ for human resources

Lord knows it’s expensive and time consuming, and even when they get it, it’s not clear how much students actually learn. But the one thing you could always say about a college degree was that it led to better jobs because it served as a reliable and invaluable signal to employers about a job applicant’s intelligence and persistence.

Or maybe not. Michael Rosenbaum knows from fancy degrees — he’s…

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Bucket List

I was talking with someone the other night and they mentioned an adventure they had. They were excited because they had a great time and they were able to check something off of their bucket list. More importantly they were better, they had grown because of the experience.

It got me thinking…What growth opportunities could I be missing. What might I not think about or see because of my blinders?…

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Brad Federman Interviewed by Business Interviews

Brad Federman Interviewed by Business Interviews

“In terms of a unique tool or technique used to help create a more sensitive or respective workplace environment nothing beats one-on-one connections and conversations.” Written by B.I. Brad Federman Brad Federman F&H Solutions Group COO

F&H Solutions Group (FHSG) is a national consulting firm specializing in human resources and labor relations matters. Their HR…

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Freedom is not free, and neither is engagement.

Freedom is not free, and neither is engagement.

man-free-signThe 4th of July – Independence day.  It is the day we commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.  From there, The United States of America went on to form a government and agree to a constitution.

However, the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution by themselves are just pieces of paper.  Many other countries that suffer from coups, military control, and sectarian…

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Staying out of trouble: the importance of progressive discipline

Staying out of trouble: the importance of progressive discipline

Progressive discipline is an essential tool for management, particularly when it’s combined with good documentation and communication practices. Progressive discipline systems are designed to help employers apply fair, consistent disciplinary decisions. Proper documentation and communication strengthen the legal defensibility of those decisions and protect the company from false accusations.


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F&H Solutions Group Hires Business Development Executive

F&H Solutions Group Hires Business Development Executive

Tom McKenzie, former principal at Capital Partners, joins human resources consulting firm to strengthen business development efforts.

F&H Solutions Group, a national consulting firm specializing in human resources and labor relations, welcomes Tom McKenzie to the company’s Washington, DC, office as business strategist. He will help expand F&H Solutions Group’s product offerings and introduce the…

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Invention Factories and Open Learning

Invention Factories and Open Learning

Thomas Edison is often referred to as the father of invention. But in my view, Edison was the first — and possibly finest — CLO.

Consider the learning environment he built during his most prolific period — between 1876 and 1882 — when he housed a team of two dozen in Menlo Park, N.J. During those six years, more than 400 patents were filed, creating products that shaped the 20th century: the…

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